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Setup, Training & Troubleshooting.

Our expert team can help you organise, set-up and optimise your account for maximum work flow and productivity.

Start your 14 day ServiceM8 trial and get 15% off for the first 6 months.

Seems too good to be true?

See it for yourself. We offer a 1 hour demo where we’ll personally prove the ways we can help Servicem8 transform and upgrade your business.

“Some of the best tradesman I’ve worked with have tried to implement systems and integrate platforms to improve their businesses; but because of their limited technical skills, it ended in disaster. I want to prevent that from happening to other tradesmen and instead, help them build better and stronger businesses.”

Luke Hansen

Institute of Modern commerce, Founder

We’ve built dedicated practices around ServiceM8 to help you achieve more.

1. Set up:​ Build a strong foundation

Success stems from a solid set-up. Our expert team will help you organise, set-up and optimise your account for maximum user flow and productivity.

2. Training: Learn your craft

We provide personalised training tailored to your businesses unique structure and industry best practice. We’ll empower your team members with the practical skills they need to operate efficiently and productively.

3. Strategy: Go live and conquer

Our team will help you launch and roll-out your new practices, strategisting with you along the way to enhance your business operation. Once you go live, we’ll continue to support and maintain your service to ensure you continue to learn and grow.

Our Setup & Training Packages

Please note, price does not include ServiceM8 subscription.


Basic Setup
$ 300
  • Tailored account set-up
  • Staff profile creation
  • Custom invoice template
  • Custom quote template
  • Bespoke job categories
  • Full accounting integration


Basic Setup & Training
$ 750
  • Everything in our Starter package
  • Initial Consultation
  • Dispatch staff training session
  • Field staff training session
  • 1 month support block


Advanced Setup & Training
$ 1200
  • Everything in our Standard package
  • Management staff training session
  • Accounts staff training session
  • Materials & client manual import
  • Custom online booking form
  • Calendar and email integration
  • 3 month support block

ServiceM8 Support Blocks

Our flexible support blocks give you complete control over our service. With a dedicated ServiceM8 consultant on hand, we’ll tailor our time to tackle the issues most important to you, when you need them.

1 month

$ 300
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • 4 Hours Tech Support

3 months

$ 750
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • 12 Hours Tech Support

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