25 tasks you can systemise right now

If you’re still a little hazy on the kind of tasks you can systemise and/or automate, here are 25 suggestions from Infusionsoft, a company that should know something about this topic as one of the world’s leading CRM platforms.

You can read the article in full by clicking on the link above but here’s a quick summary of the 25 tasks it thinks every small business should automate:

  1. Respond immediately to an email contact request
  2. Assign inbound leads to a sales representative
  3. Send email notifications to contacts who miss your calls
  4. Follow up with new networking connections
  5. Capture leads by offering free content
  6. Set a framework for your sales pipeline
  7. Lead scoring
  8. Lead nurturing
  9. Welcome new clients
  10. Generate repeat business (customer retention)
  11. Remind customers about abandoned shopping carts
  12. Chase up failed billing payments
  13. Customer service
  14. Send appointment reminders
  15. Client satisfaction reports
  16. Ask clients for referrals
  17. Clean up your email lists
  18. Retrieve lost passwords
  19. Remember client birthdays
  20. Increase social media followers
  21. Event registration (can include webinars)
  22. Promote Facebook events
  23. Business admin
  24. Send/receive important documents
  25. Collect job applications

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