We guide with the design and implementation of next-generation operating models.

We help you work stronger, smarter and simpler.

At the Institute of Modern Commerce, our purpose is to empower Tradies with the tools they need to succeed. We partner with our clients, assisting and supporting their operations management and helping them optimise their business for growth.

1. Set up:​ Build a strong foundation

Success stems from a solid foundation. Our expert team will help you organise, set-up and optimise your cloud software for maximum user flow and productivity.

2. Training: Learn your craft

We provide personalised training tailored to your businesses unique structure and industry best practice. We’ll empower your team members with the practical skills they need to operate efficiently and productively.

3. Ongoing Support: Go live and conquer

Our team will help you launch and roll-out your new practices, strategisting with you along the way to enhance your business operation. Once you go live, we’ll continue to support and maintain your service to ensure you continue to learn and grow.

Ready to upgrade your operations?

Schedule a discovery session with one of our techs today, a short call to understand your business, provide ideas and value, and see if we’re a good fit.


Our Founder

The Institute of Modern Commerce combines founder Luke Hansen’s greatest strengths; a strong understanding of trade operation, sophisticated digital commerce skill and a passion to help businesses reach their fullest potential. 

Beginning his apprenticeship at 16, Luke has built a strong career within the plumbing industry. With over a decade of experience working in senior roles within a number of renowned plumbing businesses across Australia, Luke knows what it takes to grow and maintain a successful trade business.

Luke is not only a skilled tradesman, but a successful business owner. Launching his first of three businesses as young as 20, Luke’s natural entrepreneurial drive has lead him to develop both an expert skillset in e-commerce and an ability to transform and grow businesses.

Having owned three himself, Luke is a believer in small business. That’s why he founded the Institute of Modern Commerce, to help business owners and tradesmen take full advantage of technology that can help them become more productive, profitable and successful.

Digital Business Assessment

Every organization, no matter whether small, medium, or large, will need a digital business strategy. Take this self-assessment to give yourself a good idea of where your business is at and what improvements can be made.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

Charles Darwin

12/02/1809 - 19/04/1882

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